Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which all children grow up safe, healthy and free from the devastating trauma and often life-long health and mental health consequences of child sexual abuse.

To realize this vision, three factors are essential:

#1 Awareness. Awareness of child sexual abuse is high and increasing. High-profile cases have shown the public that the problem is serious and widespread. Medical leaders have labeled it “a silent, violent epidemic.” The public now knows that most child abusers are not dangerous strangers. They are people known and trusted by the child, their family, and the community. Now, we need to build the general awareness about child sexual abuse into real knowledge about how to prevent it.

#2 Knowledge. Child sexual abuse is such an unspeakable violation of our duty to children and to each other that most people prefer not to think or talk about it. Learning the facts about sexual abuse empowers us to break the silence and denial that have fueled the problem for so long. However, training programs alone are not enough. We need to challenge those individuals and institutions that would violate our children and our trust. Now, we need to turn our knowledge about the problem into specific actions to prevent it.

#3 Action. To prevent child sexual abuse from ever occurring, we must now engage thousands of people to take prevention actions. These can include: teaching our children about body boundaries and how to keep safe; implementing comprehensive prevention policies and practices in schools and youth organizations; and advocating for legislation to support proven prevention measures. Actions by citizens who take the Pledge to Prevent help build the movement to end child sexual abuse and to realize our shared vision for all children.

Pledge to Prevent®

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Coordinating Partners

About Enough Abuse

Enough Abuse is a citizen education and community mobilization initiative operating in several states and two countries.  It works to prevent child sexual abuse by: building state and local partnerships; educating parents and concerned adults; training professionals; promoting prevention policies in schools and youth organizations; and advocating for legislation to prevent sexual abuse, ensure justice for survivors, and accountability for abusers. www.EnoughAbuse.org

About END1IN4:

END1IN4, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with a mission to end the impact and magnitude of child sexual abuse through breakthrough public awareness and engagement campaigns, education, and advocacy. Founder & CEO, Kathy Andersen, experienced sexual abuse by her adoptive father throughout her childhood, and for over 20 years has led organizations and initiatives to create positive change. Over the past year, the END1IN4 campaign has engaged celebrity survivor-advocates including Ashley Judd, Anthony Edwards and Diana Nyad, who have each recorded video messages of encouragement for victims and survivors of abuse, which can be viewed on the END1IN4 web site. In September 2023, Judd and Edwards appeared in END1IN4’s billboard campaign with the message “Act To End It.” kathy@END1IN4.org , www.END1IN4.org

Using a comprehensive set of strategies, the shared goal of Enough Abuse and END1IN4 is to put an end to the silence, shame and denial that has allowed child sexual abuse to grow into a national and international mental and physical health epidemic.