Our Vision

What we want for our own children and for all children is to grow up safe, healthy and happy – unburdened by the devastating trauma and often life-long health and mental health consequences of child sexual abuse. To realize this vision, three factors are essential. Awareness – High-profile cases of child sexual abuse have informed the general public that the problem is serious and widespread – one that medical leaders have labeled “a silent, violent epidemic.” The public is aware now that most people who sexually abuse children are not dangerous strangers, but rather individuals known and trusted by the child, their family, and the community. Knowledge – Although the public’s awareness is high, child sexual abuse is such an unspeakable violation of our social contract with children and with each other, that most people prefer not to think about or talk about it. Learning the facts about sexual abuse is critical to breaking the silence and denial that have fueled the problem for so long. However, training programs alone are insufficient if we are to be effective in challenging individuals and institutions that would violate our children and our trust. Action – To prevent child sexual abuse from ever occurring, knowledge about the problem must be translated into ever-growing numbers of specific prevention actions taken by more and more people. These actions range from teaching our children about body boundaries and how to keep safe, to organizing state and community coalitions, implementing comprehensive prevention policies and practices in schools and youth organizations, and advocating for legislation to support proven prevention measures. This is our best path to building the movement to end child sexual abuse and to realizing our shared vision for all children.