Pledge Levels

Be a “Champion for Children”

Show your Hand and declare “Enough Silence, Enough Shame, Enough Denial, Enough Confusion… Enough Child Sexual Abuse! Read the Champion for Children Pledge.
    1. I Pledge to Show my Hand to prevent child sexual abuse!

      Add your picture to our photo gallery and share it with your friends, followers, colleagues and on social media to show your commitment to ending child sexual abuse and to encourage them to do the same.

Be a “Prevention Learner”

What behaviors constitute child sexual abuse? Who are the abusers? Why do they abuse? What are its effects on children and teens? How can we spot and stop sexual abuse? Importantly, how can we prevent sexual abuse from ever occurring? Read the Learner Level Pledges.

Be a “Prevention Educator”

Learning about child sexual abuse and how to prevent it is a great first step. Now that you have solid information, you can take specific prevention actions and share that knowledge with others, including your children, family, friends. Read the Educator Level Pledges.

Be a “Safe Community Promoter”

Communities need to take responsibility to prevent child sexual abuse. That means not only parents, but elected officials, school leaders, youth organizations, sports clubs, faith-based groups, etc. must become more aware of the risks of sexual abuse and how to reduce them to ensure your community is a place where children can live and learn, play and grow safely. Read the Safe Community Promoter Pledges.

Be a “Movement Builder”

Efforts to prevent child sexual abuse have to go beyond training and education in order to be truly effective. Supporting laws, policies, and regulations that support child sexual abuse prevention are critical if we intend to successfully challenge those who would violate our trust and our children. Read the Movement Builder Pledges.